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Thanks for looking at my website... New updates in a few of the galleries as of 6.12.14

if you are interested in booking a consultation or appt. to get tattooed by me please email me and i will get back to you as soon as i can

...for consultation appointments please bring all reference materials, ideas, sketches etc... and know that i will be taking a deposit to book a tattoo appointment or start any drawings.

Good tattoos take time , so please plan ahead. i do travel in and out of town a bit. so please be patient if it takes time to get back to you, i do travel often as well. the shop has my current schedule and you can contact them for that.


Kim Durham began her tattooing career in Houston,
Texas in 1993-1994. She finished
her tattooing apprenticeship and spent several additional years
establishing herself in Houston and Austin. Kim moved to Arizona to work with body mod guru Steve Haworth in 1998, where she
owned and operated Ultimate Art Tattoo Studio in Tempe, AZ. She moved to L.A. in 2000 and worked at Prix on Sunset Blvd. for 11 years. currently doing appoitments only at a private studio in downtown , LA.

Kim's work explores her passion for traditional American, Asian and Southeast Asian iconography. Pattern ,Geometric and Dotwork tatttoos. She particularly enjoys Japanese,
Chinese, Persian, Tibetan, Hindu, Khmer, Laotian,
Burmese, Thai and Pacific Islander art. She has traveled throughout Asia, Europe ,Mexico, S. America and many other places around the world and developed first-hand knowledge of indigenous and tribal peoples, their art, and their body modification rituals.

She is Blood Bourne Pathogen Certified, and her sterilization methods and safety practices consistently exceed industry standards. When she
is not tattooing in L.A., Kim is traveling around the
world for business and pleasure, buying and making art, taking photos, collecting books and tattoo machines, sailing, surfing and diving, or anything in and on the ocean.